Scoot Hogan and His Lost Years

Scoot Over Here

CD released in August 2007

Scoot Hogan and His Lost Years album cover
Photo Art by S Flannagan, August, 2007

Track list:

All songs written by Scoot Hogan apart from "Are You Being Serviced?" which is my tribute to a classic '70's sitcom, "Are You Being Served?", written by Ronnie Hazlehurst and "Roxanne" written by The Police. All instruments played by Scoot Hogan. All the songs are recorded by Scoot Hogan and all the instruments too, apart from the fantastic trumpet part on "Are You Being Serviced?" which was played by Dave Prentice.

Scoot used an Epiphone J200 acoustic, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Ibanez Gio 5 string bass, a Regal Dobro and Shubb Pearce steel and a Vintage 5 string banjo. Thanks to all Scoot's friends for the loan of the instruments once again. Drums courtesy of Groove Agent.