Scoot Hogan and His Lost Years debut CD released in August 2004.

No harm was done to the lamb during the taking of this photograph, but it was mighty good eatin' in October of that year!.

Scoot Hogan and His Lost Years debut album cover
Photo Art by S Flannagan, July, 2004

Track list:
  • Summer Holiday
  • Chillout Concoction
  • Letter Today
  • Recipe For Love
  • Singing The Blues for Jackie Brown
  • No More Meatballs Anymore, Ma!
  • Sorry
  • Song for Nikki
  • Sad Ole Pete

All songs written and recorded by Scoot Hogan. All instruments played by Scoot Hogan. Coffee and chocolate biscuits bought and paid for by Scoot Hogan.

Scoot used an Epiphone J200 acoustic, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Ibanez Gio 5 string bass, a Regal Dobro and Shubb Pearce steel, an Antoria mandolin, Vintage 5 string banjo and Yamaha nylon string classical guitar. Thanks to all Scoot's friends for the loan of the instruments. Drums courtesy of Groove Agent.

Recorded in the Henhouse Studios, Edinburgh in August 2004.